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You can not describe the passion, you can just live. (Enzo Ferrari)
Epicatex finds its robust roots in the Italian artisanal culture which has created valuable art and nature treasures for centuries.
Our production of  performing and versatile fabrics matches the Italian creativity and style with a cutting-edge technology in order to meet our customers’ needs.
Our customers are companies for all over the world producing linen, table cloths, decorative home items, promotional and advertising banners and gadgets and any other part of the industrial production which can applied to the textile sector.
We design, experiment and supply a wide range fabrics, spun yarns combinations, unique wefts and warps both from an aesthetic and performing point of view. We are able to obtain them thanks to traditional or new manufacturing  techniques of finishing and treatment: from the pure linen or cotton to microfibers, elastomers or other synthetic , bi-stretch or jersey fabrics, with any kind of working or chromatic effect.


The value of an idea lies in the using of. (Thomas A. Edison)
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